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The birth of an idea

EMIKO was born from Riena’s university days, where her love for glamorous nails clashed with the high costs of salon upkeep. Venturing into DIY nail care, she faced numerous challenges with inadequate products. Her perseverance led to discovering PolyGel, a user-friendly formula that cures under UV light. This breakthrough inspired Riena to create EMIKO, offering all-inclusive nail kits for easy, at-home salon-quality nails.

Turning dreams into reality

It wasn’t until COVID struck, leading to the closure of all nail salons that jolted Riena’s idea into action. Suddenly, getting one’s nails done wasn’t just a luxury; it became an impossibility. This is what pushed Riena’s ideas into reality with a renewed sense of urgency and purpose. Together with her partner and his software engineering skills, they set out to create this website, which became the launchpad for Riena’s vision to empower individuals to take their salon needs into their own hands.

Growing success

As EMIKO Starter Kits began reaching homes across Australia and New Zealand, people quickly realised that achieving salon-quality nails at home was not only possible but easy. Even after the pandemic, this newfound approach to nail care continued to revolutionise people’s routines. In 2023, the EMIKO Facebook community was born, growing with satisfied customers endorsing our products. This success allowed Riena to leave her 9-5 corporate job, focusing entirely on her passion for developing more DIY beauty solutions.


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