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InstaNails and PolyGel are both popular options for achieving longer, more stylish nails, but they differ significantly in terms of application process, customisation options, and time investment.

InstaNails are pre-shaped gel extensions that offer a quick and straightforward solution for those who want beautiful nails without the fuss. These extensions come ready-to-wear, eliminating the need for shaping, moulding, or extensive filing. You simply adhere them onto your natural nails and cure them under a UV or LED light. This makes InstaNails a convenient choice for individuals looking for an efficient, hassle-free option.

On the other hand, PolyGel is a hybrid between acrylic and hard gel, offering a more customisable approach. Unlike InstaNails, PolyGel requires the use of Dual Forms, which act as moulds for the gel. After the PolyGel is applied to the Dual Form, it is then placed onto the natural nail and cured. This allows for more room for creativity in terms of shaping, length, and overall design. Additionally, PolyGel often necessitates more precise filing and shaping, making it better suited for those who enjoy the customization process or are seeking a very specific look.

In summary, if you prioritise quickness and convenience, InstaNails could be the ideal choice for you. However, if you’re looking for greater flexibility in tailoring your nails to your specific aesthetic preferences, PolyGel offers more freedom and customisation options.

When correctly applied with the essential priming and preparation steps, EMIKO nails are designed to last up to three weeks. To ensure you achieve the optimal lifespan and appearance of your nails, we strongly recommend visiting our tutorials page for step-by-step videos on proper nail priming techniques. Following these guidelines will help you maximize both the durability and beauty of your EMIKO nails.

If your nails aren’t lasting as long as you’d expect, the issue often lies in the initial preparation and priming of your nail beds. Properly removing the dead skin from the nail plate is a crucial step for long-lasting results. Incomplete or improper priming can compromise the adhesive quality, leading to a shorter lifespan for your nails. For a comprehensive guide on how to best prepare your nails for optimal durability, we recommend checking out our priming’ videos available on our tutorials page.

If the skin above your nail is exposed, it’s best to avoid adding length with InstaNails or PolyGel to prevent potential skin irritation.
Alternatively, you could use Builder Gel to encourage natural nail growth, or apply PolyGel directly onto your natural nails without using Dual Forms, focusing only on the existing nail length. For a more personalised recommendation, feel free to send us a photo of your nails at

If you’ve had allergic reactions to acrylics or other nail enhancements in the past, caution is advised. First and foremost, consult your GP for a professional opinion, especially if you’re unsure of the specific ingredient causing your allergy. Should you know the exact allergen, please email us at for tailored advice on our products. We also strongly recommend a patch test on a single nail before moving forward with a full set. Remember, minimising skin contact with any nail product is key to reducing the risk of irritation.

For real-life swatches of our gel polish and PolyGel, simply visit our tutorials page, where we feature dedicated swatch videos. This will assist you in choosing the shades that best suit your style. Alternatively, our ‘Beauties Gallery’ showcases real-life images from our Facebook community.

Our products do contain very small amounts of HEMA. It’s important to note that regardless of the HEMA content, you should always take care to avoid skin contact with the product.

Heatspikes are a sudden surge of heat or burning sensation that can occur when curing certain nail products, like gels, under a UV/LED lamp. This sensation results from the rapid polymerization (or curing) of the product. While a slight warmth or discomfort is normal during the curing process, if you experience significant pain, it’s crucial to discontinue use immediately.

To prevent heatspikes, you can use a technique called ‘tempering’. This involves partially curing the nail by placing it in the lamp for a few seconds, then removing it, and repeating this process until the recommended curing duration is reached. By gradually exposing the nail to the lamp, you can reduce the intensity of the heat surge and make the process more comfortable.

Absolutely! We offer two shipping options for your convenience:

1. Express Shipping: $25AUD, this option is estimated to take 5-10 business days from dispatchment. Note that we offer a special discount on all Starter Kits, reducing the express shipping fee to just $15AUD.

2. Standard Shipping: $15AUD and is estimated to take 7-14 business days from dispatchment.

For shipments within Australia, you can generally expect your order to arrive in 1-4 business days. If you’re inquiring about shipping times to New Zealand, please refer to the question above.

If you need to change your delivery address or cancel your order, the options available depend on the status of your shipment:

Before Dispatch: If your order hasn’t been dispatched yet, email us immediately at with your order number and any changes you’d like to make. We’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

After Dispatch – For Address Changes: If the order has already shipped, you may be able to redirect it using the tracking link sent to your email.

After Dispatch – For Cancellations: If you wish to cancel an already shipped order, you may either try to redirect the parcel via the tracking link or return it at your own expense. In either case, please email us to keep us informed.

Remember, prompt action is key for any changes to your order, so reach out to us as quickly as possible.

To apply your discount code, click on the cart symbol located in the top-right corner of the website. Then, click on ‘View Cart’ to proceed. On the cart page, you’ll find a designated field for entering your discount code. Simply type or paste your code into this field to apply your discount.

If your promo code isn’t working, it could be due to an expiration date or other restrictions. If you’re confident that the code should be valid, we’re here to help. Please email us at with the details, and we’ll work quickly to resolve the issue for you.

We offer a variety of payment options for your convenience. You can choose from Afterpay, Paypal, or Stripe for credit card payments. These options will be presented to you during the checkout process

If you’ve looked in your spam/junk folder and still can’t locate the confirmation, please reach out to us for assistance by emailing

Absolutely, we proudly offer a 30-day money-back guarantee specifically on all Starter & Ultimate Kits. We stand by the quality of our products and want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase. For comprehensive details on how to take advantage of this guarantee, please visit our refund policy page: EMIKO Beauty Refund Policy

After we receive your returned package, it undergoes an inspection, after which we aim to process your refund within 3 business days. The time it takes for the refunded amount to reflect in your account may vary based on your payment method. For more specific information on the timeline, please refer to the terms of your chosen payment method.

Please email us immediately at

We’ll prioritise resolving the issue as quickly as possible to ensure your satisfaction.

Please email us immediately at

We’ll prioritise resolving the issue as quickly as possible to ensure your satisfaction

You’re welcome to treat InstaNails as an extension of your natural nails, giving you the freedom to use any brand of gel polish, standard nail polish, or even dip powder. While you’re not limited to using our EMIKO gel polish, we do recommend it for optimal compatibility and best results

If you’re experiencing Builder Gel seeping into your cuticles, it could be a matter of technique that improves with practice. For expert guidance, we recommend watching our ‘InstaNails Tips and Tricks’ video available on our Tutorials page. This resource offers valuable tips to help you master the application and prevent gel from spreading into unwanted areas.

InstaNails are crafted from soft gel, making them easy to remove with pure acetone, similar to what you’d experience at a salon. For a step-by-step guide on how to effectively and safely remove your InstaNails, we recommend watching our ‘InstaNails Removal’ video available on our Tutorials page. This will provide you with all the details you need for a smooth removal process.

We highly recommend using the InstaNails lamp for the best application experience. Its design allows for accessibility from multiple angles, giving you superior control and preventing crooked placement. The InstaNails lamp comes included in our InstaNails Starter Kit, making it a convenient option for those new to the system.

Absolutely, you can easily shape your InstaNails to your liking using the hand file that comes included in our Starter Kit. This gives you the flexibility to customise your look to match your personal style.

Yes, you can definitely use our Builder Gel as a standalone treatment to fortify your natural nails. Many of our customers have successfully used it as a protective layer over short or bitten nails, enabling them to grow stronger and longer.

No, InstaNails cannot be prepainted. The UV light required for curing needs to penetrate through the entire nail,  including the builder gel. Prepainting would block this light and prevent proper curing. For optimal results, paint the nails after application and curing.

Achieving seamless PolyGel edges around the cuticles can require a bit of practice. However, we have a video that can greatly assist you with this! Please check out our video titled ‘Seamless PolyGel Nails’ available on our Tutorials page.

There are several methods to thin out the underside of your PolyGel nails. We recommend curing the PolyGel for 5-10 seconds, then flipping your hand over to gently thin the underside before completing a full 1 minute cure. Additionally, we’ve demonstrated this technique in our tutorial video. You can find it on our Tutorials page under the title ‘PolyGel Stage 2. Application

The gel polish in the kit offers a realm of possibilities for your nails! You can simply paint it over your PolyGel nails, experiment with nail art, or even blend mix it into your clear PolyGel! Check out our video titled ‘Mixing Gel Polish with PolyGel’ available on our Tutorials page.

We’re in the process of creating a video tutorial on this topic, so stay tuned! Unlike InstaNails, PolyGel doesn’t soak off completely and may require additional filing. However, you don’t need to remove it entirely; a thin layer can be left on your nails, serving as a base for your next set. For removal, we suggest you file down the PolyGel close to your natural nail, then soak your nails in a bag filled with acetone. Warm this bag by placing it in a bowl of warm water. After about 20 minutes, the PolyGel should have a wax-like consistency, which you can then gently scrape off.

With some experience and familiarity with PolyGel, you can consider applying them together instead of one by one. Check out our video titled ‘5 Tips to Speed Up PolyGel Nails available on our Tutorials page.


We’d love to hear from you! Contact us with any questions or concerns and we will get back to you shortly. 

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