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Priming the nail is crucial in prolonging the life of your new nails. Priming enhances the adhesion of the PolyGel to your natural nails by removing oil and changing the pH of your nail. By gently pushing back your cuticles – this allows the PolyGel to adhere to the natural nail surface to eliminate premature lifting.  The Adhesive Primer and Essential Bond are designed to easily turn your natural nails into the optimal blank canvas for your PolyGel creations. Say goodbye to pesky hair catching in your lifted nails, sudden nails popping off on your night out and say hello to long-lasting and durable nails that will last you weeks!

Now that you have primed your nails you are ready to apply your long-anticipated EMIKO nails! 

Dip the dual-ended brush in the Master Solution and shape the PolyGel to your liking. Once cured, enjoy the satisfaction of popping off the Dual Form to reveal your new EMIKO nails. Notice the perfect apex which strengthens the stress area of the nail where typical breaks occur.  Now you are ready to buff your nails to your desired shape. What will you choose? Square? Almond? Stiletto? Ballerina? The choices are endless! Who knew that enhancing salon nails from home was this fun & easy? 

PLEASE NOTE: For first-timers, we suggest that you apply one nail at a time until you have a grasp of this stage. It is completely normal to not achieve perfect salon results for the first time.  Remember when learning any skill – practice makes perfect! Soon you will be a superstar at applying your own nails effortlessly. 

We also recommend our beginners not to start off using the shade ‘Hot Mess‘ as this takes longer to cure and is slightly harder to work with compared to our other shades. 


Now its time to add personality to your durable EMIKO nails that are shaped to you. Let your imagination run wild and make your creation stand out! To achieve the EMIKO look: Use our signature colour included in your kit to get started straight away. Otherwise,  you may replace this with any gel polish or nail polish.  Complete your look using our Top Coat to add an extra gloss and to protect your new look from chipping.

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure to paint each layer of your colour coat as thin as you can to avoid bubbling. If bubbling occurs, simply file off and reapply.


We recommend a refill every 2-3 weeks depending on how fast your nails grow. If you go too long between infills – the apex will shift to the top half of your nail, throwing off the strength and balance of the nail which can lead to accidental bending and breaking. We certainly don’t want that! 

Please note: If your nails have lifted this can mean that your cuticles were not pushed back completely during the priming stage. If you experience lifting, remove the nail and reapply. 


There are several ways you can remove your EMIKO nails.

Here are a few videos from YouTube’s talented creators.

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