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Slip Solution


“Discover the versatility of our 120ml Slip Solution:

1. Effortlessly maneuver and mould PolyGel

2. Disinfect natural nails during prep

3. Clean tools post-application

4. Erase sticky residues

Housed in a signature EMIKO white bottle with a reliable flip-top cap.

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Ingredients: Alcohol, Water, Sodium alkyl sec sulfonate

Weight 0.115 kg

8 reviews for Slip Solution

Danielle H. (verified owner)

Such a handy product to have on hand! Great quality like everything else ive bought from Emiko. Thanks!

Anonymous (verified owner)

Handy stuff, tidies up everything nicely

Verified Buyer (verified owner)

Amazing quality products and super easy to use.

Abbey (verified owner)

Very handy

Ngaire Thomson (verified owner)

Awesome product. Great customer service.

Talia J. (verified owner)

Haven’t tried this yet but I’m excited too

Alexandra Ohagan (verified owner)


Michelle White (verified owner)

Great quality!

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