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InstaNails Gel Extensions (select shape)


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XShort Almond, XShort Coffin, Short Almond, Short Coffin, Short Square, Short Round, Medium Almond, Medium Coffin

23 reviews for InstaNails Gel Extensions (select shape)

Jess G. (verified owner)

Such a great length and so quick and easy having them pre etched

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Image #1 from Jess G.

Angela (verified owner)

Strong and fit for every nail

Maddi (verified owner)

Great shape

Anonymous (verified owner)

Great shape 😍

Cherrie (verified owner)

Love ❤️ Emiko nails sooo… easy to apply

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Image #1 from Cherrie
Image #2 from Cherrie

Ruth (verified owner)

I LOVE this whole system!! Such good quality, easy to use and amazing results. I have completed sets on myself, my daughter
(for her Yr12 formal) and on my mother. Will absolutely be continuing to use this system and recommend it highly.

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Image #1 from Ruth
Image #2 from Ruth

Ngaire Thomson (verified owner)

So easy to apply and they feel so strong. Not to mention how beautiful they they look.

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Image #1 from Ngaire Thomson
Image #2 from Ngaire Thomson
Image #3 from Ngaire Thomson

Olivia S. (verified owner)

Beautiful and so many in the box!

Kim H. (verified owner)

Amazing quality and size variety

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Image #1 from Kim H.

Talia J. (verified owner)

Always love your nail sets.

Heather B. (verified owner)

Fabulous nail system. Easy to use and quality is amazing.

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Image #1 from Heather B.
Image #2 from Heather B.

Shae (verified owner)

Did my mother’s nails and she loved them.

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Image #1 from Shae

Dayna P. (verified owner)

Really impressed with the quality of these gel tips. I have used other brands and I was looking for a specific shape. These fill my needs. I do need to file the sides down as the tips are squarish and my beds are pretty round.

Amber G. (verified owner)

Loved the shape quite soft unfortunately I had to make mine shorter (cake decorating) but still love them very much

Amanda (verified owner)

Love the nails

Jayde (verified owner)

Amazing so easy to use!

Taya C. (verified owner)

Purchased with the starter kit so I could have some different shapes, the nails were a bit too long but I was able to make them shorter much easier than expected!

Kylene (verified owner)

The length is gorgeous

Rebecca (verified owner)

I bought the short round nails they are the perfect length for me and look natural and stunning once painted.

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Image #1 from Rebecca

Paige M. (verified owner)

Love these gel tips, I use them on myself and clients. Would definitely buy them again!

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Image #1 from Paige M.

Jess L. (verified owner)

Great shape love them

Cher M. (verified owner)

Wow, after trying several different nail products over the last two years, I’ve finally found nails that are easy to apply and look fantastic (even the first time) Love InstaNails.
I started by just doing two nails and was so happy that they lasted so long.

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Image #1 from Cher M.

Sharnia (verified owner)

Really light next to no shaping needed but easy to work with if you need to reshape or shorten

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