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This go-to kit is perfect for any beginner as each InstaNail is pre-shaped to your liking. Once applied, you will enjoy chip-resistant, durable and glamorous nails for up to 3 weeks. InstaNails are easily soaked off without damaging your precious nails so you can switch up your manicure at any time

InstaNails Starter Kit includes: 

  1. InstaNails (10 sizes, 600pcs)
  2. InstaNails Essentials (all 15ml): Essential Bond, Adhesive Primer, Builder Gel, Top Coat
  3. InstaNails Flash-cure Lamp (Accessible from many angles)
  4. EMIKO Mini LED Lamp
  5. Cuticle Pusher
  6. Nail File (No drill required!)
  7. Gel Polish
  8. Instruction manual

Gets yours today and join our DIY movement.

Select your favourite InstaNails shape and Gel Polish to include in your kit.




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  1. Prep - Lightly buff the shine off your natural nails to ready them for Essential Bond and Adhesive Primer. This step is crucial for long-lasting InstaNails.
  2. Build - Apply a thin coat of Builder Gel over your natural nail and cure under the EMIKO LED Lamp for 45 seconds for a stronger foundation.
  3. Apply - Apply a thin coat of Builder Gel on the inside of the InstaNail to create a bonding base and then firmly press this onto your nail and cure again for 45 seconds.
  4. Colour - Apply the colour you feel a million bucks in. Then seal the colour with a layer of Top Coat to give it that glossy finish. Your InstaNails are ready to party! Get going, girl!

Why choose EMIKO?

  • Suitable for beginners
  • Long-lasting up to 3 weeks
  • Strong and flexible
  • Cure fast under LED light
  • Very light & comfortable
  • Easily filed with a nail file
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan
  • No strong odour
  • AUS Stock
Weight 1 kg

Weight 0.17 kg

XShort Almond, XShort Coffin, Short Almond, Short Coffin, Short Square, Short Round, Medium Almond, Medium Coffin

Weight 0.075 kg
Gel Polish

Baddie, Ruby Slippers, Serpent, Chit Chat, Tango, Sunshine, Mojito, Blissful, Wisteria, Spice Chic, Toasty, Ivory, Snatched, Cocoa, Mink, Sunkissed, Baby Doll (sheer), Natural Beauty (sheer), Bejeweled, Trophy Wife, Angelic, Cotton Candy, Lemon Meringue, Pistachio, Lilac Dreams, Decorous, Luscious, Sorority, Saint, Seductress, Sinner

Weight 0.075 kg
Gel Polish

Baddie, Ruby Slippers, Serpent, Chit Chat, Tango, Sunshine, Mojito, Blissful, Wisteria, Spice Chic, Toasty, Ivory, Snatched, Cocoa, Mink, Sunkissed, Baby Doll (sheer), Natural Beauty (sheer), Bejeweled, Trophy Wife, Angelic, Cotton Candy, Lemon Meringue, Pistachio, Lilac Dreams, Decorous, Luscious, Sorority, Saint, Seductress, Sinner

Weight 0.17 kg

XShort Almond, XShort Coffin, Short Almond, Short Coffin, Short Square, Short Round, Medium Almond, Medium Coffin


Nelly (verified owner)

My first time using the Insta nails kit and I’m in love. I cannot believe how easy it was and how gorgeous they turned out.

Hand on my heart, I will never step foot in a nail salon again.

I’m already so excited at the thought of applying my new set once these fall off.
In fact I’m already considering purchasing the poly gel. I’m just so happy.

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Nelly

Anonymous (verified owner)

Amazing! So user friendly even for those with no or very little experience with nail enhancement application. Beautiful quality and stunning colours 😍

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Anonymous

Anonymous (verified owner)

Love the concept of these. Would love shorter nails to be included. Easier than cutting down and filing

sally p. (verified owner)

So easy to use ..absolutely in love with this system

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from sally p.

Lauren (verified owner)

Great product so easy to use so happy I found these.

Fiona P. (verified owner)

Such a great starter kit. Everything you need for a beautiful set of nails is included. My nails lasted for over 2 weeks and when I removed the instanails my nails were not damaged.

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Fiona P.
Image #2 from Fiona P.

Ruth (verified owner)

Perfect prep kit – all inclusive, no need to figure out what goes with what

Melissa M. (verified owner)

Love love love how easy to use this kit is is and how the nail quality is just as good as a salon !

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Melissa M.
Image #2 from Melissa M.

Abbey (verified owner)

Absolutely love this!! So happy

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Abbey

Verified Buyer (verified owner)

This set is 1 week old , been tried other brands but didn’t last even for 1 week.
Let’s see in 2 weeks time if this set still attach and last up 3 weeks.
Friendly for 1st timer user. For me, not perfect yet, need more practice as this set took me 3 hrs to do🙂🙂

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Verified Buyer

Courtney (verified owner)

Love my Instanails kit! Helps me save money on getting acrylics like I used to! It’s a little more time consuming doing them myself but they turn out great! They’re lasting ages and feel super strong. I’ll be trying polygel next!

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Courtney

Joan McNaughton (verified owner)

Liking what I got

Samantha M. (verified owner)

Absolutely love it. Very easy to use. My first time doing my own nails and the look good.

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Samantha M.
Image #2 from Samantha M.

Olivia S. (verified owner)

Such a fantastic length and shape for those who use keyboards! Stunning ⌨️

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Olivia S.

Renia Prall (verified owner)

Amazing product so easy to use. And the postage was really fast. Would highly recommend

Ashley King (verified owner)

Instantly in love, no more costing so much money to go to the salon to get in. Feels all the time I can change the colours whenever I like. Absolutely love them

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Ashley King

Shae (verified owner)

Absolutely loved them!! Will be buying more! 😀
Did my mother’s nails and she loved them.

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Shae

Amber G. (verified owner)

Very good easy to use still need more practice myself but I’m amazed at how sturdy they are

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Amber G.

Sara Ball (verified owner)

I’ve never been so impressed by a nail product. I used to do my own acrylic nails but as I was untrained it took me hours to achieve a very average result. I resorted to stick on nails; these were good but always lifted in the corners which encouraged me to pick at them constantly which was costly as I had to keep replacing them. I decided to try the Emiko Instanails. Firstly it only took me minutes to get them on. One thing I will say is definitely buy nail clamps as holding them on with my finger meant I couldn’t see the centre very well so a couple are a bit crooked. Clever filing however fixed that but I still recommend the clamps. There is no way these nails are lifting – they are very secure. The gel polish is first rate. Stunning finish. I’ve only put one top coat on over the polish and a week later they are still glossy and clear – no yellowing in sight. Service is brilliant, product is brilliant, price point is excellent – I will be ordering more. I’d love to see Emiko extend their range of colours as the polish is excellent.

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Sara Ball

Amanda (verified owner)

I absolutely love how easy the steps are to do my nail have been on for a week and 5 days and still look great

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Amanda

Jayde (verified owner)

Absolutely love the quality

Verena (verified owner)

Love the starter pack. My nails are looking better after each attempt. A bit of practice is needed but still easy to use. Some nails have stayed on for days some for over a week now. I’m sure practice makes perfect

Rachael B. (verified owner)

Absolutely love them

Hayley W. (verified owner)

This kit has everything you need, and it all seems good quality and easy to use. The tips are nice and thin once applied but also seem strong. I’ve done my nails twice now and my tips so far are:
-it’s easier to hold longer tips during application and then cut/file shorter than to try to apply short tips to start with
-you don’t need much builder gel on the InstaNail, and hold your finger pointing down to allow the builder gel to flow down towards your fingertip rather than towards your cuticle area
-have a think about what your natural nail shape is (ie nail bed length and shape around cuticles) and try to choose InstaNail tips that you think will fit your natural nail well

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Hayley W.

Shelley Norman (verified owner)

Very easy to use!! I was very surprised and excited to try them !! fabulous great product will and am telling everyone.
Was quick and easy great value for my money.

Laura B. (verified owner)

Best at home nail kit I’ve used to date! Super easy to use and look great, will buy again and have recommended to my friends ☺️

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Laura B.

jessica Rasmussen (verified owner)

Loved how easy this is with amazing long lasting results 🙂 So many compliments on my nails!!!

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from jessica Rasmussen

Theresa P. (verified owner)

Postage was quick
Product is so easy to use. I am so amazed and now can do my own nails at home. No more nail salons for me.
Have had my first set on for over a week now and they still look great. So happy 😌

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Theresa P.

Anonymous (verified owner)


Dana (verified owner)

This product is fantastic. If you are wanting to do your own nails at home, highly recommend this kit even if you are an armature like myself when it comes to things like this.

Allie (verified owner)

Very happy and easy to use for a beginner, would love to see more gel polish colours though

Jaymie (verified owner)

Incredible! I’m obsessed with this kit and legit includes everything you need! Very high quality tips and so simple to apply!

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Jaymie

Emily (verified owner)

Oh my god! Amazing kit, I’m so happy I bought this. It took some time getting it perfect but I’ll be saving heaps of money.

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Emily
Image #2 from Emily

Taya C. (verified owner)

Amazing project for beginners! I have only used them once and they lasted just under 3 weeks (2 nails popped off but that was user error as I didn’t do the prep the best but the ones I prepped better have lasted!)

Shadae S. (verified owner)

Absolutely love the product

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Shadae S.

Leah M. (verified owner)

First time trying this kit and I absolutely love it! It’s so easy to use and you can get your nails done in the comfort of your own home! Need to get more colours! Would 100% recommend this kit to anyone!!

Margo S. (verified owner)

I love them. They were super easy to apply and I have had them on for 2 weeks and still going strong. This will definitely become a staple moving forward. Now to buy all of the colours nail polish lol

Emma (verified owner)

I really love the ease and convenience of being able to do this myself! It is very straightforward to do and they look amazing!

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Emma

Anonymous (verified owner)

AMAZING Emiko .So easy to use and the quality is brilliant.I have had so many complaints.I will never need to go to a nail salon again.

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Anonymous

Anonymous (verified owner)

I absolutely love instanails so easy to use.

Kylene (verified owner)

This system makes an amateur look like a pro with nails, I’m absolutely in love

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Kylene
Image #2 from Kylene

Lauren (verified owner)

So easy to do !!! Very high quality however I got the short square and they are longer than I expected to be !

Anonymous (verified owner)

Loving this so far, has added strength and length to my natural nails after years of gel weakening them. Still getting the hang of applying the nails without air bubbles.

Sarina M. (verified owner)

AMAZING!! I absolutely love this kit and I will always recommend this product/kit to everyone that likes getting their nails done! 😍

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Sarina M.

Arial w. (verified owner)

Great quality. The customer service was amazing !

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Arial w.

Lynda (verified owner)

The product is presented so beautifully. I was so excited to use it. Looks so professional. It is a great addition to my collection

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Lynda

Patty Whitaker (verified owner)

Great service all the way to New Zealand. Packaged so beautifully, can’t wait until I open it up and do my nails. Thanks for the extra wee treats.

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Patty Whitaker

Jess L. (verified owner)

Love them so much so easy to use

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Jess L.

sophieclaire.white (verified owner)

Such a amazing product! I regularly do my nails from home. This is my first time doing gel nails and I’m so impressed! So easy to use and great quality. The little lamp is so handy when you need to hold the fake nails when they cure and the polish is lasting so well. Can’t wait to buy more colors 😍💕

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