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Select two shades of PolyGel to include in your kit! 

BONUS OFFER: Select up to two extra PolyGel shades and save 30% off each! 

"Square" is our recommendation for most people

  • SquareSquare
  • Square C-CurveSquare C-Curve
  • TaperedTapered
  • Tapered C-CurveTapered C-Curve



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Introducing Australia's first Premium PolyGel Nail Kit!

Your EMIKO PolyGel Kit includes everything you need to achieve long durable nails which can save you hundreds. Watch our simple tutorials and apply your nails in less than 20 minutes. Applying nail enhancements from home has never been this easy!

This kit contains everything you need to achieve beautiful long nail enhancements from the comfort of your own home! Including 2 PolyGel tubes - This set will last 8-10 full sets of nails which saves you money and time spent at the salon!

Why choose EMIKO?

  • Suitable for beginners
  • Long-lasting up to 3 weeks
  • Strong and flexible
  • Cure fast under LED light
  • Very light & comfortable
  • Easily filed with a nail file
  • No strong odour
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

Gets yours today and join our DIY movement.

Weight 1 kg
PolyGel #1

All four shades (+$30), Boujee Princess, Clear Canvas, Destiny, Feeling Peachy, Hot Mess, Marshmallow, Slay Queen

PolyGel #2

Boujee Princess, Clear Canvas, Destiny, Feeling Peachy, Hot Mess, Marshmallow, None, Slay Queen

Dual Form Style

Square, Square C-Curve, Tapered, Tapered C-Curve

Weight 0.04 kg

Mochi, Mannequin, Dolce, Holiday Mode, Flamenco, Sweetheart, Slay Queen, Feeling Peachy, Marshmallow, Destiny, Clear Canvas, Hot Mess, Boujee Princess

Weight 0.04 kg

Mochi, Mannequin, Dolce, Holiday Mode, Flamenco, Sweetheart, Slay Queen, Feeling Peachy, Marshmallow, Destiny, Clear Canvas, Hot Mess, Boujee Princess

Weight 0.078 kg
Dual Form Style

Square, Square C-Curve, Tapered, Tapered C-Curve

Weight 0.075 kg
Gel Polish

Baddie, Ruby Slippers, Serpent, Chit Chat, Tango, Sunshine, Mojito, Blissful, Wisteria, Spice Chic, Toasty, Ivory, Snatched, Cocoa, Mink, Sunkissed, Baby Doll (sheer), Natural Beauty (sheer), Bejeweled, Trophy Wife, Angelic, Cotton Candy, Lemon Meringue, Pistachio, Lilac Dreams, Decorous, Luscious, Sorority, Saint, Seductress, Sinner

Weight 0.04 kg

Mochi, Mannequin, Dolce, Holiday Mode, Flamenco, Sweetheart, Slay Queen, Feeling Peachy, Marshmallow, Destiny, Clear Canvas, Hot Mess, Boujee Princess

Weight 0.04 kg

Mochi, Mannequin, Dolce, Holiday Mode, Flamenco, Sweetheart, Slay Queen, Feeling Peachy, Marshmallow, Destiny, Clear Canvas, Hot Mess, Boujee Princess

57 reviews for PolyGel Nail Kit

Jennie R. (verified owner)

wow this is a amazing starter kit! I’m a newbie to gel nails,I’ve never done them and never had them put on me and what a game changer. I googled what the best polygels were and this website came up. I sore it had the good thick gel I read was the gel you should use and the reviews were good so went ahead and purchased. It’s so fun! and easy to use. The products are top notch and everything you need to get started is in this kit. I couldn’t believe how brilliant the top coat is,once you set that your nails are sweet until your ready to remove it. These nails just wouldn’t budge and I could have worn them for over a month if I wanted to tbh. Totally 💯 recommend this kit! Cheers💅

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Image #1 from Jennie R.
Image #2 from Jennie R.
Image #3 from Jennie R.
Image #4 from Jennie R.
Image #5 from Jennie R.

Anonymous (verified owner)

It was a little bit tricky to get the hang of first go but my second attempt was much easier and neater. Very happy and received so many compliments 😊

Catherine (verified owner)

Great kit, fairly easy to use and looks great, only thing I think could be improved is the colour range as these are a bit pale and translucent for my taste and not enough choice of colours but I can’t fault the quality and ease of the kit at all

Destiny (verified owner)

so easy and so cute!! just follow instructions and you’ll be sweet!

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Destiny

Bethany M. (verified owner)

AMAZING!!!! Best decision to buy this kit, it comes out so perfect every time and everyone comments on how good they look. Very easy to use! Very pleased with the whole ordering and shipping too.

Rebecca (verified owner)

I am so happy with this product
I received the starter kit a little over 3 weeks ago it came really fast the kit is amazing it had everything I needed to start
I am a terrible nail biter and have never had my nails done or had long nails this product was so easy to use the instructions were easy to understand
I live on a farm I’m always mixing horse feed and fixing things
these nails are so strong and last a long time
It’s been over 3 weeks now and I’ve only had to replace two nails but I think that was only because this was my first attempt at nails so they weren’t put on properly
I love them I feel so much more confident thank you so much Emiko

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Rebecca

Simone (verified owner)

So far so impressed! Everything is beautifully packaged. Love the polish so much I’m making another order. Easy application and simple steps, perfect self care kit.

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Simone

Shammy (verified owner)

THE BEST nail kit I’ve ever tried. Super easy, and looks like I’ve just been to the nail salon! LOVE!

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Shammy

Mandy (verified owner)

Product exactly as advertised and great value. Shipping was really fast and my daughter was so so happy with it – she’s doing her nails and her friends nails almost daily and after 2 weeks still hasn’t run out of anything. Highly recommend!

Amber G. (verified owner)

This was fun still need alot of practice , wish I chose a pink one cuz the clear is hard to see at times and I find myself doing it too thin in places. But all in all its great product

Madeleine (verified owner)

Wow I’m so impressed by the Emiko Polygel Nail Kit, you get everything you need. This was my first time using polygel, it took a bit of time, but I’m so happy with the final result, I chose the Marshmallow polygel and its the best colour.

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Madeleine

Kerri (verified owner)

I was really impressed by how easy this was to use. Very happy with my purchase.

Hayfa T. (verified owner)

Amazing product

Ruby (verified owner)

It was very tricky to learn, but not because the concept was hard to master! I just found it hard to get the right shape for my nail with the tips. The quality of the product is fantastic! You can easily correct mistakes and add strength afterwards. Bonus!- the top coat gel is amazing.

Anonymous (verified owner)

Absolutely love it 💅🌟🌟 highly recommend!! Looks professional and lasts longer than gel nail polish

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Anonymous

Surya (verified owner)

Literally can’t believe how well the polygel adheres, lasts, how easy and quick to apply… and no smell! The lamp is so effective I was ready to walk out the door with my new mani in half the time I spent doing acrylics.
I’ve been recommending Emiko polygel to everyone. One criticism is the lack of range in colours though. Can we have some more options? Still 5/5 Stars 🤗 these are my nails after 2 weeks of wear and I’ve been doing home Reno’s, tiling and putting them through hell and they are still looking good. Amazing!

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Surya

Deanne (verified owner)

Love this kit! I didn’t get the hang of it the first time so I watched the YouTube videos and love the results! So quick and easy!!

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Deanne

Renee Ward (verified owner)

This Poly Gel kit is awesome! I’ve tried PG before but it was cheap and nasty. Emiko is top quality, has everything you need and you end up with salon quality nails. I give this kit 10/10 ⭐️ Emiko is a wonderful brand and I will definitely buy again! 💗

Andrea (verified owner)

Love it! It’s lasted 2 weeks now and still looks great!

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Andrea

Michelle (verified owner)

So far, I love my Emiko kit, it comes with everything you need. I have long nails underneath, so I do not apply a thick layer of product, just enough to strengthen and protect my natural nail. It is easy to apply and easy to file back to neaten them up. It lasted nearly 3 weeks before I decided to remove and start again. I have tried both acrylic and gel, and I would say this is my preference. It was tedious to remove, but nowhere near as arduous as removing the acrylic I had on in the first place! The first application, I used the peachy shade, this time a glittery one. I found the peachy one so much easier to work with. The glittery one is significantly stickier, and there are patches of no glitter at all, so a bit uneven looking. I really think a better lamp is needed as I had to cure extra most of the time. Overall, I can see myself continuing to use this product. It will work out way cheaper than going to the salon. I would not hesitate to recommend this product.

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Image #1 from Michelle
Image #2 from Michelle

Anonymous (verified owner)

Love this product, it’s super easy to use I definitely need a bit more practice but an amazing kit for beginners

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Anonymous

Ellie Ozen (verified owner)

I definitely love it.. first time doing nails and they look great 🙌🎉

Jessica S. (verified owner)

Beautiful kit easy too use fast shipping nicely packaged

Tylah Wiki-Ngaropo (verified owner)

It’s tricky at first but gets easier the more you do it, first Impression was there’s so much inside. I love my nails, it is my third attempt with all the equipment, tools and products. Would definitely recommend.

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Tylah Wiki-Ngaropo
Image #2 from Tylah Wiki-Ngaropo

Nic V. (verified owner)

I absolutely LOVE Emiko polygel nails 😍 I’ve had many compliments on my nails and have told my friends about the nail kits. Emiko kits make it easy for anyone to do their own nails 💅🏻💜 but of course practice makes perfect. I can not wait to try out instanails too! 💕

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Nic V.

ljk1506 (verified owner)

Love this kit. Everything works as it should and beautifully packed too. Online videos are great. Love the led light, so compact. Overall, a great buy!

Hayley W. (verified owner)

Well-priced kit that contains everything you need. The instructions that come with the kit are basic but the video tutorials online are good. Very pleased with the results. My only complaint is that the LED lamp is very lightweight so it moves around easily if you bump the table.

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Hayley W.

Sandra (verified owner)

One of the best polygel kits ive used! My nails come out amazing everytime 😊

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Sandra

Kararaina M. (verified owner)

So easy to use , and last long

Sophie Beck (verified owner)

Is great value for money

Brooke (verified owner)

The best product out there!

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Brooke

Bonneville (verified owner)

As i still have a set on from the salon when i went im waiting for them to all come off but i had one nail missing so i did that honestly so easy to apply and the tutorials are so easy to follow recommend to anyway wanting to save money and do it yourself also the service was 100% as I had a problem with one of my products leaking (not there fault) they quickly resolved my problem with no hassel and awesome customer service 10 out of 10 recommend and will come back for more products in the future

Rangiahua (verified owner)

Stoked as with this kit! In the past I had given everything ago to do my own nails and was never any good at all lol! But this is something that is soo super easy to use and comes out beautifully. Also shipping was amazing, im in nz and this arrived in a week despite ordering when covid and the storms were causing disruptions. Will definitely be ordering more polygel colours in the next couple days. Thanks so much for your products guys!

Xylia (verified owner)

Amazing kit, works wonders!!

Raela-Grace (verified owner)

AMAZING! Bought for my daughter and I to help prevent us from nail biting. Succuessful first time use, and we’ll improve to perfection with practice. Already eyeing up more poly gel colours.
Thank you ♡

Mykaila (verified owner)

10 out of 10 amazing products, easy to use and the instructions are easy to understand too.

The polygel is so smooth and the polish is amazing too!!

Will definitely be ordering again.

Anonymous (verified owner)

Love my nail kit just needing more colours and learning to apply them properly but I’ll get there

Michelle White (verified owner)

Amazing product! My nails last over 3 weeks. The kit comes with everything you need and the tutorials are really easy to follow, id never done anything like this before and rarely paint my nails and it was still so easy. Everything is great quality. Highly recommend!

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Julia (verified owner)

Love it… have done my nails once and I can tell already that I love them

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Julia

stephanie bliss (verified owner)

Amazing polygel best I have used

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from stephanie bliss
Image #2 from stephanie bliss
Image #3 from stephanie bliss

Brad and Lynn (verified owner)

I love the kit. So good to be able to do my own nails, exactly how I want them. Plus I don’t have to wait for an appointment…I can do them any time!
Soooooo happy with the product!!!

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Brad and Lynn

Elle (verified owner)

I’m so inlove with this product! 😍 I can’t wait to get more.

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Elle

Uploaded video(s):

Tilly (verified owner)

This is easy to use, lasts and looks good.

Lisa (verified owner)

Love Emiko poly gel nails 💅 it was so easy to use great product hope they get more or different colours one day!!

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Lisa

Anonymous (verified owner)

I think the kit is really cool and works great but maybe put some written instructions either in the kit or with the tutorials because watching the video is good for a demo but it makes it kind of hard when you have wet gel on your nails. Great product though! 🙂

Nicole (verified owner)

Loved the gift when received unfortunately hasn’t had the chance to use yet but will very shortly.

Jigme W. (verified owner)

Beautiful and easy to use.

Ashlynne (verified owner)

I love love love this kit! It was so easy to use and the products are great quality too. I was expecting my first set of nails to be a disaster but this kit made it so easy, more practising to be done still but I’m so happy with the results. Would 10/10 recommend this kit to anyone wanting to do their own nails from home!

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Ashlynne

Samantha B. (verified owner)

Best investment during lock down 🥰🥰 super fast delivery and super easy to use and get the hang of, amazing customer service honestly could not be any happier ❤️

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Samantha B.

Rhiannon C. (verified owner)

First time trying them I think I did alright, love the formula, easy to use, practice makes perfect 🤩

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Rhiannon C.

Soxy (verified owner)

Loved it!
Only issue is that the LED lamp could be better, other than that products are great 😊

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Soxy

Uploaded video(s):

Sheenal Pritika Kumar (verified owner)

Just loving it
Easy way to do nails no wasting time and money on salon

Agnes Adams (verified owner)

Not a nail tech first try and omg so easy few things I’ll do different next time but if you want stunning nails that are actually easy this is a must have I’ve tried many different system this by far is the best and easiest for at home use

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Agnes Adams

Kirsten W. (verified owner)

Absolutely LOVE the products. I feel like me again while in lockdown and that’s HUGE!! I’m so happy I found this product and I’d recommend to anyone!!

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Kirsten W.

Joanna (verified owner)

Love it! ❤️
Where was this years ago??
Get friends onto it people. It’s amazing 🤩

Clare (verified owner)

I’ve really been loving this kit, have been doing my own nail extensions with polygel for over a year now, have saved lots of money for my eyelashes! once you get the hang of it, it takes much less time. Also you can always put a Shellac gel color on top to be more versatile. Thanks heaps 🙂

Uploaded image(s):

Image #1 from Clare

Peta (verified owner)

I’ve been a qualified nail tech for over 20yrs. Mostly using acrylic but have done gel and dip powder too. This emiko polygel is amazing, especially for doing your own nails. You have as much time as you need without it running everywhere. Files easy, and wears tough like acrylic.
I waited 3 sets of nails, before I reviewed so I knew how it wears as well. Still love it!
I’ve used the forms, they are awesome. I just want to overly natural already long nail. This really is an awesome method.
I’ve also tried normal apply directly to nail and brush into shape method. I have also infilled them twice successfully.
Best kit with everything you need.
Best customer service too!
Great product!

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