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PolyGel (select shade)


This unique formula combines the best qualities of acrylic and gel. It’s more flexible than acrylic and stronger than gel. It hardens only when exposed to LED light, giving you all the time you need to mould your desired shape making it perfect for any beginner!

EMIKO PolyGel is smooth and non-sticky (unlike most brands) making the nail enhancement process effortless. Enjoy gliding the PolyGel around the Dual Form without that sticky mess giving you full control of where you put it.

Each tube will last  4-5 full sets of nails. Imagine all that money saved from visiting the salon week by week! Broke a nail? Easy fix!

Once applied, you may use any colour gel or nail polish to customise your new look. To remove, just simply hand-file the PolyGel to as close to your natural nail and soak off with acetone as you would at the salon.

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Ingredients: Acrylates copolymer, Ethyl methacrylate, Polymethyl methacrylate, Polyethylene terephthalate, Trimethylolpropane triacrylate, Dimethicone, Microcrystalline wax, 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate

Weight 0.04 kg

Mochi, Mannequin, Dolce, Holiday Mode, Flamenco, Sweetheart, Slay Queen, Feeling Peachy, Marshmallow, Destiny, Clear Canvas, Hot Mess, Boujee Princess

21 reviews for PolyGel (select shade)

Danielle H. (verified owner)

Very handy having clear polygel- I will be using this for the lazy girl instanail method. Great quality and easy to use.

Jennie R. (verified owner)

Love this polygel! Granted being new at this and not having experience with other brands,I’m confident that this is one of the best out there. It’s so easy to use and manipulate this polygel and together with the base and primers you end up with and salon professional look that lasts weeks and saves you money. (photo is not the clear gel). haven’t had chance to use yet.

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Image #1 from Jennie R.

Nelly A. (verified owner)

Love this polygel. Being clear makes it so versatile.

Catherine (verified owner)

Love the gel but wish the colours were deeper and more variety

Juanita (verified owner)

Love this product. Stunning color and great to use

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Image #1 from Juanita

Rhiannon (verified owner)

Love this! takes a while to apply but so far worth it.

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Image #1 from Rhiannon

Ngaire Thomson (verified owner)

Very high quality product and easy to use.

Mandy (verified owner)

So easy to use and just as described. Very happy to recommend this product and company.

Natasha F. (verified owner)

Easy to use, nice think consistency, great for french look using your own nail colour underneath

Michelle (verified owner)

I have not yet used the clear one. I have used the glittery one, and the peach one. I found the glitter one a lot stickier.

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Image #1 from Michelle
Image #2 from Michelle

Anonymous (verified owner)

Perfect base under gel polish

Amity (verified owner)

I love marshmallow, it’s the perfect nude pink without being too pink! The gel itself is also great to work with, solid enough that you can mould it into a dual form easily with a little slip solution.

Still looking great a week later (photo)

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Image #1 from Amity

Alexandra Ohagan (verified owner)

Honestly love all the products for this brand I don’t get my nails done anymore absolute money saver and they are just as good as salon nails , if not better I feel like the polygel lasts longer than acrylic on my nails and less damaging , a lot more natural and so quick and easy ! 100% one of my best buys I have made in 2022 !

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Image #1 from Alexandra Ohagan

Nic V. (verified owner)

Emiko polygels are so easy to work with 😊💜

Michelle White (verified owner)

Best polygel! So easy to use and the quality is amazing.

Sandra (verified owner)

Such good quality polygel and colours 😍

Rangiahua (verified owner)


Mykaila (verified owner)

Beautiful smooth application and such a nice colour too

Anonymous (verified owner)

I still need practice, but these definitely last!

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Image #1 from Anonymous

Julia (verified owner)

👍 👌

stephanie bliss (verified owner)

Best polygel I have used

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Image #1 from stephanie bliss
Image #2 from stephanie bliss
Image #3 from stephanie bliss

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